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Stop struggling with your wardrobe, fighting with your closet every morning or second-guessing your style decisions. Allow me to refresh, revamp and build a wardrobe that defines your unique personality and caters to your individual lifestyle. Each service gives you detailed options of how your style and wardrobe can be completely transformed. We service our clients through a dimensional layout of completion.

Let’s Address your Style Concerns with

The 7 Dimensions

Your Inward Perception: Addressing what lies beneath the surface

Your Outward Projection: Determining your current appearance, connecting the dots with your inward perception and creating a workable style elevation plan.

Flattering Fits / Addressing your Body Shape / Type: Identifying your unique body type and educating you on flattering styles that will increase your confidence.

Your Perfect Color Palette & Fabric Choices: Building a beautiful color palette that will have you radiating and discussing key fabrics to ensure longevity in your wardrobe.

Your Specified Budget: Identifying what you have, what you want, what you need and delivering the best possible quality.

Your Individual Lifestyle: Cross-referencing your clothing choices with your lifestyle and determining how we can bridge the gap. 

Key Knowledge & Training: Extending my key knowledge and style aid, giving you the confidence to shop and style seamlessly

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