4 Tips on how to take care of Inexpensive Clothes

Tips on how to take Care of Inexpensive Clothes

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Welcome back loves! I know you ladies love to look good on a budget. Why?…Why not? If you can save a couple of dollars and cut a few corners on your wardrobe here and there, then hey, let’s be smart shoppers and not wasteful ones. One thing we must consider and recognize is, is that when we choose to skimp out on cost, we sometimes lose out on the element of quality materials. Nothing is wrong with this, as the working woman has the option to splurge or steal. However, there are definitely some tips that I use, that can also help you ensure that you keep your affordable items looking brand new!

Treat them as if they’re Expensive

Although we may have not invested in a particular item, and found a great deal on a trendy or classic piece, that still doesn’t mean that we should treat it as if it’s trash. I understand that it may perhaps be disposable or fast fashion, but in order to keep your clothes looking brand new or in the best condition possible, take care of your cheap items as if you’ve paid good money for them. Take the necessary steps and decide which items you have to take to the cleaners, don’t throw them on the floor or ball them up and stuff them in a drawer, as this is not good for the overall appearance and care of the fabric and keep your items nicely hung or properly folded in your drawer. The better you care for your items in general, the longevity of the item will increase and you’ll be able to wear it much longer than you thought you would’ve.


Read your Labels

You know those little white things attached to the inside of your garment, with all the foreign writing on it? Yeah, it’s very important information on there, lol. I cannot stress the importance of reading your garment labels and understanding and recognizing the fiber content of the piece that you’ve purchased. A lot of items that you buy may be poly-cotton blends or may have rayon and spandex In them, as these are materials most widely found in cheaper priced garments. The tag will tell you exactly how the item should be cared for. It will explain what temperature of the water should be used when machine washing or if the item can be machine washed at all. Get familiar with the fabrics in your clothes. Do a little research on each fabric or maybe purchase a fabric book that gives you detail on each individual fabric and how it performs. This will definitely ensure the life of your items and will help you keep your clothes looking good!

Keep them in Rotation

Now, I know that we have certain pieces in our wardrobes that we LOVE to wear religiously! I get it! I completely understand your dire need to wear the seams out of those favorite jeans because they make your butt look amazing. I have my favorite pieces as well. However, wearing them too often can cause quite a bit of wear and tear on your garments. The key to extending the life of your wardrobe pieces is indeed rotation. Limit the number of times you wear one piece and instead alternate it out for a similar piece that may not get as much love. Doing this will definitely allow you to keep your pieces in tip-top shape.

Invest in Clothing Care Tools

So, that favorite sweater of yours starts to pile after a couple of wears and washes…no problem! Get a sweater shaver! This little tool is ingenious for getting rid of those little fuzzy balls that may collect under the arms or on the body of the sweater. Little tools like this can aid in you keeping your items looking great. So what if you have to lint roll the heck out of that dress! It’s definitely worth the time and the key here is to save money.

I hope these tips have helped you in taking better care of your inexpensive garments. Share some of your favorite care tips and tools that you love to use! Until then…”Grab your Garb!”

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