Monica“I have used Her Guiltless Garbs wardrobe services on three different occasions. Once for personal shopping and twice for closet edit and organization. Britney was very professional and punctual. She personally shopped for my daughter, post baby, and picked out clothes that were perfect for her shape after she gave birth. The colors were perfect and my daughter felt amazing in her selections. For closet edit and organization, she again was amazing! She gave me tips on how to keep my closet organized and even shopped for organizational items for my closet. Her services aren’t typical and I think it’s because she has her Bachelors in Fashion Retail & Management. She really knows what she is doing. I would definitely recommend you to use her services, and you won’t be disappointed!!!”

         – Monica Brown, Houston, Texas


“I had the pleasure of having Britney restructure my closet. My experience of her provision of services was fantastic, and I was extremely impressed and pleased with the results. The tips she gave me at least two years ago have been the blueprint for which I still utilize today. She is a very hard worker; however, she keeps you in the loop with her process, and always encouraged feedback. I really appreciate how she arranged my space. Beyond organization, she is immensely talented in the area of style and design. I definitely recommend her for all things fashion and organization, and will definitely be calling on her expertise in the near future.”

– Candace White, Houston, Texas


Aunt Tavi

“I had the pleasure of using Ms. Britney Boyd’s services for selecting several outfits for my Las Vegas trip this past April 2017. Needless to say, she was awesome! I simply told her what the occasions were that I needed outfits for, and she immediately took off to put together several outfits that were simply perfect for my budget, as well as offering ideas for shoes and handbags. I really enjoyed working with her and I will definitely be using her again in the near future. Thanks again Ms. Britney Boyd!”

– Octavia Sherman – Mckoy, Houston, Texas


Bethany Sian

“Britney was the key element of our brand because she used her ability to promote and showcase our product. Our business relationship was superb; she maintained a professional demeanor at all times. The skills and passion she has for her brand allowed her to create a cohesive impact between us and the public. Her audience which consists of a large social media following, was always intrigued, engaged, as well as impressed with her body of work. We adore working with Britney and will love to collaborate with her sometime in the near future.”

Guiltywithfashion, Fareeda Deosaran, MBA,  Founder/Curator, Boca Raton, Florida



“My experience with Britney has always been amazing! She has a way of taking you out of your comfort zone and you loving the outcome. She is professional and knows exactly what she is doing. I can’t wait to get styled by the fabulous Britney again!”

– Lashanna DeLane, Houston, Texas



“Britney has a great eye for fashion. She knows her way around the fashion world, and did a great job styling me for one of my published shoots. She is very easy going and fun to work with!”

-Lindsey Madison, Houston, Texas



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