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Your style is a true reflection of who you are. You know how the saying goes, “Because personality isn’t the first thing that they see.” Often times we take our appearance for granted, underestimating the power that it can project and have on many valuable aspects in our day to day lives. At this point, you’re probably exhausted. Exhausted with leading a style life that doesn’t reflect you at your best and quite frankly, the change should have occurred months ago, but now you’re ready! You’re ready to embark out on a new journey of discovering you at your absolute highest, and you need expert direction on how to create this executable vision that you have.

The HGG Style Development Package will

  • Unearth the “you” that you’ve always dreamed of becoming. That “her” that you’ve been in desperate search of finding regarding your personal style will be carefully and strategically cultivated through the help of your very own Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant.
  • Give you the unmatched confidence to land that dream job, get back out on the dating scene or be eager about putting your best style forward every morning.
  • Help you discover what it truly is that you love, how to identify and nail your perfect outfit combos every time, teach you what shapes and styles superbly suit your body type and what colors will make you look better than ever.
  • Coach you through curating and developing a unique style that says “ME Only.”
  • Create a unique style formula that will be used to determine how you wish to be viewed by the world.

If you

  • Have no clue what your style is and would like to identify it so that you can start building one that will completely transform your image
  • Desire an extended coaching session of personalized style aid to get you to your ultimate style goals
  • Are tired of leading a style life that’s not conducive to your life goals, relationship goals or career goals
  • Are lost and frustrated with creating outfits that you truly enjoy
  • Are tired of settling for “The Last Resort,” “It’s all that I have,” or “I can’t figure this out.”
  • Have reached the breaking point with your style and desire a complete turnaround with your wardrobe entirely

Then this service is definitely for you

What is Style Development: The Garb Overhaul

Style Development: The Garb Overhaul is the ultimate and elite experience of complete style enhancement. It is a personalized and strategic plan of getting you to your desired style goals. You’ll receive 4 months of dedicated and diligent style aid and coaching tailored particularly to you. We will start with a thorough questionnaire of your personal and career goals to give me a good foundation to help you achieve the best results. Immediately following, we will engage in the consultation style of your choice to discuss every aspect of your style development process. We will couple that with a style assessment that will help to dig a bit deeper into cultivating your style and determine how we can align your new style to reflect this. We will develop an in-depth mood board and personalized style book that will discuss and outline your new style direction, your body type and how to dress it properly, your color palette, material choices, best places to shop and more! We will then perform a complete evaluation and purge of your entire wardrobe with tools, demonstrations, live activities, and training that will aid in executing your purge successfully. With a new plan, a clean slate, and your style ready to be visually depicted, we’ll go on 3 scheduled shopping excursions over the 4 months’ time to solidify and build the style of your dreams! Following your shopping trips, you’ll have your very own personal stylist in your pocket for styling you for important events, creating digital look books, scheduling tailoring appointments if needed, constructing your very own photoshoot and so much MORE!

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Style Development: The Garb Overhaul
  • 4 months of personalized style coaching, unlimited emails, dedicated style advice, text messages, and scheduled video chats or style calls during HGG business hours from your personal stylist
  • 4 styled outfits for 4 special events or occasions
  • 1 1/2 hour Style Consultation
  • Style Questionnaire & Assessment
  • Style X-ray and Surgery Session
  • #Gotd Worksheet
  • 9 hours (3 shopping sessions) of a one on one shopping session with a style expert
  • Complete Closet Purge of all unwanted items and items that no longer fit into your new style direction
  • Transportation of your purged items to a donating facility
  • Complete Closet Edit Workbook with live activities, style terminology, Q&A sessions, outfit examples and more
  • 20 hours of pre-sourcing clothing and accessories that will be held for your personal shopping appointments, and the curation of items and looks to ensure a stress-free shopping experience
  • Identifying & Development of your personal style formula through a personalized Mood Book with your body type defined and how to dress it, the perfect stores that cater to your new image, your color palette revealed, the perfect styles to shop for your body type, celebrity body twins, a visual depiction of your new style, your new style formula defined and MORE!
  • Targeted style tips on how to maximize your wardrobe, discover what’s missing in your wardrobe and the opportunity to create a targeted shopping list for your style needs
  • A curated capsule collection (3) 17-24 pieces wardrobe module that will work together seamlessly to create over 450 outfit combinations (I’ll show you how!)
  • Personalized Digital Style Magazine with styled looks from your closet edit session, your (3) shopping sessions, and your (3) styling sessions, including over 115 styled looks for easy reference when getting dressed. This book will also include targeted styling tips additional visual style suggestions, and online shopping links of (3) items on your shopping list in the low, mid and high price range.
  • (3) 1-hour style sessions that will be used to strictly create new outfits (5 each session) with your newly purchased pieces, combined with the pieces remaining in your wardrobe, as well as previous wardrobe modules created
  • (3) scheduled tailoring appointments for any requested items, including drop off and pick up
  • FREE Guiltless Wardrobe Checklist & How to Measure Yourself Guide
  • Your very own creative director to construct your personal 2-hour photoshoot with 4 looks + Visual Conceptualization Package including photoshoot theme, pose behavior and more! (See your stylist for details)
  • Digital Makeup Artist Directory including special HGG client discounts from trusted professionals, to accompany your new image for your photoshoot
  • Hidden package gems

Your Secondary Style Solution…

Style Development: The Garb Revamp

The Garb Revamp is a secondary option to the Garb Overhaul. This package identifies with all of the same feelings that you may currently feel about your personal style, that led to your interest in The Garb Overhaul. It is, however, introduced on a smaller scale. The Garb Revamp will provide you with all of the same dedicated and personalized style strategies and solutions of The Garb Overhaul but instead will be conducted in a 2 months time span. It includes a Closet Edit Session, (1) Personal Shopping session and some of the Garb Overhaul package perks. Ask your stylist for more details!

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