How to Style a Vintage Photo Shoot: Modern Vintage

Modern Vintage Main
Photography by: lafleur-naturelle
Coordinator & Stylist: Britney Boyd
Models (l to r): Christina Willis, Tasiana Thompson, Ilea Green
MUA for Tasiana: Ryan Sherman
MUA for Christina and Ilea: Britney Boyd
Visionary and Model Coach: Britney Boyd
Location: Heights Area ( Houston, TX. )
Hairstylist for Ilea and Christina: Ryan Sherman
Hairstylist for Tasiana: Britney Boyd
Professional Vintage Consultant: Jeanetta Thomas

Welcome back my loves! The long wait for the reveal of my Modern Vintage Photoshoot is finally here! Working on this project was such a rewarding and exhilarating experience for me.  It allowed me the opportunity to explore the wonderful world of vintage fashion and tested my ability to construct my very own photo shoot from beginning to end. Before getting into the details about this exciting shoot I wanted to send out a very hearty thank you to all of those who came together in support of my vision! To my wonderful cousin, Ryan Sherman, who was ready at 5:00 a.m. in the morning to help me transform my vision into reality, to my loyal and faithful friend, fellow college graduate, and photographer, and to the beautiful models who gave up their early Sunday mornings rest, I love all of you guys from the bottom of my heart!! Thank you sooo much for your cooperation, participation, and positive attitudes! This would not have been the success that it was without you!!! Now that’s out of the way, let’s get into Modern Vintage…

My vision began with my desire to display vintage fashion from one of my favorite eras, “The Roaring 20’s.”  After much deliberation and consultation with a certified vintage aficionado, I quickly tweaked the concept and decided to incorporate different eras of vintage fashion while including quick fixes on how to mix modern and vintage pieces to create a look that had aspects of eras forgotten or remembered, with a new age spin. Thus,  Modern Vintage was born. I incorporated three different sized models to show my versatility of styling and to showcase that vintage looks can be achieved on any size. Although it is quite rare and harder to obtain plus sized vintage pieces, I was up for the challenge and to my surprise struck gold on the first and last shopping trip. Isn’t God good?!  

Now here’s the part that’s going to blow your mind. All of the accessories, vintage outfits, some of the shoes, and all jewelry were bought and provided by myself. All three of the models’ entire vintage outfits (clothing), two handbags, a hat and a belt were purchased from the same thrift store and totaled up to the amazing price of $30!!!!! Yes, yes and another yes, lol! I kid you not! You see how fabulous their outfits are, right? My exact point and the reason that Herguiltless-Garb exists is showing you, ladies, that fashionable and affordable can and does coexist!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the story behind this shoot. Please feel free to leave comments and let me know your thoughts on how you think the shoot turned out. Pictures and descriptions of each outfit are below! Stay tuned for a men’s shoot coming very soon!!

Vintage  & Modern Group Shots

Tasiana: Modern / Vintage

Tatiana 1

Tasiana’s Vintage look consisted of a two-piece, paisley printed set which was so adorably cute! Pants like the ones she wore were called culottes, which is a term that originated from the French language.  They were initially worn by European upper-classmen during the Renaissance and Middle ages through the early nineteenth century but were adopted by women during the Victorian Era as they became more active in horseback riding and other sports. More on the history of culottes here.

For her vintage look, I chose to pair jewelry and accessories with touches of gold, black, and a tad of silver to keep the outfit from looking too 80’s with a bunch of crazy colors. I transformed her outfit into a more modern look by ditching the matching top, belt, adding in a comfortable denim top that I tied in the front for a more casual look and swapping her dainty clutch out for a modern shoppers tote. I finished the look off with a chunky statement necklace continuing in with the family of bronze and gold metallics and a modern miss she became! Check out her fierce pictures below!!

Christina: Modern / Vintage

Christina Modern Vintage

Christina’s outfit incorporated femininity and masculinity. I couldn’t help to envision the famous old Hollywood actress, Greta Garbo with her inspiration of women wearing menswear with this outfit. Her outfit definitely steamed from the 70’s and 80’s when pleated, more comfortable pants became more fashionable. Baggier pants were being worn and this trend allowed more freedom of movement. Pleating was originally worn by English men but dates back to Egypt and Greece as the pleated material was worn for beauty and elegance. More on the history here.

In her vintage look, I continued in with the 80’s theme of chunky layered chains and necklaces of various textures and earth tones and decided upon a rust-colored over-sized blazer, basic tank, and a woven bowler style hat that was made popular by the middle and upper class in the United Kingdom. More on the history of the bowler hat here. I decided to get rid of the hat, blazer, and vintage handbag for her modern look and paired a mustard colored tank that was rolled up to appear like a crop top, a shoppers tote, rust-colored beaded necklace and large gold hoops with her pleated pants. I wanted this look to still possess the beautiful golden and amber earth tones and give off an almost effortless feel of casually paired comfortable pieces. Check out her pictures below.

Ilea: Modern / Vintage

Ilea Modern Vintage

Ilea’s vintage look was by far the most challenging to conquer, but it actually turned out to be my favorite for two reasons: the bold graphic print and because it fit her perfectly! The matching set consisted of a bright 80’s style print in a matching drop waist, sleeveless dress and an oversized jacket that buttoned at the collar. Drop waist dresses are definitely 20’s inspired. Reminds me of the Great Gatsby and an almost flapper-esque style. The drop peplum dress defined this decade for women because it was a “rejection of female social norms.” More on the drop waist dress here.

I accessorized her vintage look with striking red accessories. I cinched her waist in on top of the jacket to give the outfit more dimension, allowing her natural curves to be put on display. Her button earrings were provided by Dionna Norris with Agape_Couture. Check out her vast collection of handmade, fabric covered button earrings! For her modern look, I had her dismiss the dress entirely and pair the jacket with the beautiful basicness of cut-off denim shorts and a white tee. I tied up the front of her jacket to give it more sass and topped it off with a pair of white retro sunnies.  Check out her amazing pictures below!!

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