Mixing Things Up: Styling Mixed Animal Prints

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It’s been a little while! I hope that everyone is doing amazing and preparing to enjoy this upcoming holiday with some amazing food! The holidays are a little hectic for me sometimes. Since getting married last October, I now have another family to consider spending time with for the holidays. I was already split between my mom and dad’s side, now, I have my husband’s side of the family too factor in. Luckily, his parents are together because if not, it would really be insane. The good news is more food. The bad news is more gas and less time at each house . We haven’t quite figured out this year’s schematics, but hopefully, we’re just going to one this year. I’m not really up for hitting the ground running, timed scheduling and trecking across Houston.

Forgive my absence! I don’t guess that anything was wrong in particular, but I do know that my creative juice wasn’t flowing for anything concerning my blog, Instagram or even for the special projects that I’m working on outside of that. I was more focused on my recent client experiences, so this does take precedence over more socially involved activities or sometimes even new projects that I plan to introduce in the near future. Anywho, I’m here with a simple look today. I found this cool mixed printed blouse while thrifting and not that I needed anymore leopard or cheetah print in my closet, but the combination of mixed animal prints just called my name super sweet and soft like. You know, the way your man or your crush kind of intentionally gets close and whispers something sweet in your ear and butterflies start appearing outta nowhere disrupting your gangsta, lol. Ok, maybe not that intense, but you get me.

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As you know, I’m still in the wardrobe building phase and will be for quite some time. I’m very picky about what I wear, how it looks, the combinations that I select and sometimes even how it looks aesthetically in my closet. I was definitely in need of more blouses, and this one, I felt, was a great one that fit the aesthetic in my wardrobe, could be versatile and easy to wear, was extremely cost-effective coming in at a price tag of $6 and was unique enough to stand alone when paired with basics. Stylist tip: Select items that are standalone pieces or pieces that don’t need much added to them to make your outfit look good. It’ll save you time, stress and the worry of how to style it. All you have to do is to pull out your foundational pieces, pick something and go! Grab your Garb and go! You know the motto over here, lol. Speaking of grabbing your Garb and go-ing, I have a newsletter coming out this week, so stay tuned! If you’re not Subscribed, Get on the freakin’ list, boo! You won’t be sorry.

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I felt like that I really didn’t need much as far as accessories go, but I did glam it up a bit with some double belt action. Last but not least, I just threw on some basic black pumps to complete the look. Das it! Easy peasy! Thanks so much for joining me back on the blog today. I truly appreciate those who tune in to what I have going on in my neck of the woods. If you desire a more personal approach to styling your wardrobe, visit my Wardrobe Services and pick your package! Holidays are near, my birthday is coming up and if you’re interested, I want to get you booked and taken care of in time for what you need, so contact me asap! Of course, if you wanna hang out with me a little more, chat, say wassup, follow me on my social media channels below. Check out the videos on YouTube if you haven’t and subscribe as well. Until next time, Grab your Garb!

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Style Tip of the day

Make things easy on yourself and invest in statement pieces. They really make getting dressed a little bit easier.

Shop similar items below, but ONLY if you feel the need to add something to your wardrobe. Don’t shop just because it’s available. #intentionalshopping

Her Guiltless Garb

Top: Thrifted Vintage / Pants: Zara (really old) / Shoes: Steve Madden / Belts: Thrfited

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