Mary Ellen’s Sewing Room Boutique

Sewing Room Boutique
 Welcome back, divas! Introducing a fabulous boutique for my beauties on a budget today! I’m all about affordable fashion. Fashion that doesn’t break the bank for the average woman who takes style as the ultimate form of expression.  Style is so crucial to your individuality and The Sewing Room boutique provides quality clothing, with a sense of style that sets it apart from the rest!

The Sewing Room Boutique was birthed in Houston, TX back in 2013 by two lovely ladies who had the vision to supply women with fashion that spoke to the femininity, style, and grace in a woman’s wardrobe. ChaunDrika James and her partner Ellis set forth with diligent work as a team for The Sewing Room Ellis & James, but after 6 months, the two decided to part ways. ChaunDrika, born and raised in Houston, TX, was fascinated with fashion as a little girl. She says that she always had a keen eye for beautiful and unique things. Trends were never something that she wanted to follow, yet instead, decided to set the bar for others to follow.  She began in the field of Nursing only later to discover that her passion for this field could not surpass the love she had for fashion. She then embarked in on a journey that rewarded her the opportunity to receive her degree in Fashion Merchandising and a Certification in Image Consulting. From stylist to a business owner, after the separation of her and her partner, she led the business as the Creative Director and re-launched under the name Mary Ellen’s Sewing Room, which pays tribute to her late grandmother who was a seamstress. Her vision for Mary Ellen’s Sewing Room is for it to become a household name. With a fashion experience like no other, excellent customer service, and the hottest fashion in town, ChaunDrika ensures that her clients not only feel and look good, but VIP treatment remains apart of the company culture!

Take a look at the new Spring arrivals below and stay tuned for upcoming blog posts on how I style these pieces very soon!! For more information on this company and to place your order to get sewn by Mary Ellen’s Sewing Room Boutique, you may contact ChaunDrika by email or by phone at 832-884-0030. If you live in Houston or surrounding areas, this company does provide delivery services. New arrivals come in The Sewing Room’s doors every other week, so make sure you stay connected to the source to get first dibs on fresh new pieces! Don’t forget to follow Mary Ellen’s Sewing Room boutique on Instagram @_thesewingroomboutique and friend them on Facebook! The website launch is up ahead, so definitely keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming e presence from The Sewing Room!


Spring 2015 Collection

Black & White Dress


Black Flowy Sleeve Top

Yellow High Neck Dress

Pink, Black & White Dress

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