How to Wear a Faux Leather Top in the Summer: Black Diamond

Styling a Leather Top in the Summer
Photography by: Kool View Photography

Knowing your worth and expecting nothing less is so important! We often settle for things, places or people in our life’s, career, relationships or friendships because we feel stuck. The feeling of being without is scary for some of us and we don’t want to experience lack. When feelings of insecurity or inadequacy settle in, it’s hard to break out of those feelings without help. I know you’ve probably heard this a trillion and one times before, but the outcome of it is beneficial, so do yourself a huge favor. Surround yourself with positive, motivated people that can encourage and lift you up. I know that sounds so cliche, but just by doing that, your thoughts can change, which in turn forces you to change your actions. Always remember your worth! You are a diamond. A precious and rare treasure that needs time to cultivate, so if it means that you wait to be blessed with the best, then I encourage you to do so. While in waiting, you’re being refined, molded and prepared for what is meant for you and what will not be fleeting, but will indeed sustain you.

Styling a Leather Top in the Summer

Now that I’m off my soapbox, details on this look….I’m wearing my favorite jeans again…Yes, again! Why? Because they’re my favorite, duh! I literally live in these jeans. Every day I’m off and I’m running errands, going out to eat or just doing anything casual, you better believe I’m throwing these bad boys on. They’re the perfect fit, style, and cut. I live for comfortability these days, and as I’ve matured, I find myself wearing more relaxed pieces. I dressed up my denim with this faux leather bustier style top and decided to pair this mesh tee underneath it for an added layer and a touch of interest. You may question why I’m wearing faux leather in the Summer, but don’t get your panties in a bunch, lol. Let me explain…This top is the perfect Summer style; sleeveless and baring skin. This piece is actually quite a versatile one and can be styled throughout all seasons with different layering options. I gave you the perfect example of a light layering option for Summer styling. Faux leather is one of my favorites because the material is so versatile. It can easily take you from a classy look to edgy or rocker chic. I decided to amp up the edge by pairing this mixed metal neck piece with fringe and beading to finish my look off. So what do you guys think? Leave your comments below, don’t forget to subscribe and until next time…Grab your Garb!

Leather Top 3

Style Tip of the day
Faux leather is your friend, not your foe. Don’t be afraid to experiment with incorporating textures, within reason, of course, that can transition into seasonal changes. Try wearing a suede mini with a basic fitted tee. Just don’t be afraid to step out of your fashion box.

Her Guiltless Garb
Faux leather top: G by Guess (old, similar style here) / Mesh Tee: H&M (old, similar style here) / Jeans: American Eagle: (very old) / Necklace: eBay

Styling a Leather Top in the Summer

Leather Top 5 

Styling a Leather Top in the Summer

Styling a Leather Top in the Summer

Styling a Leather Top in the Summer

Styling a Leather Top in the Summer


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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the latest blog Brit and as always the pictures are gorg and so lovely to look at. You have a real eye for fashion and your passion for it shows. Keep doing what you’re doing, God has his hands all over Her Guiltless Garb!!!

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