How to Style Statement Jewelry

How to Style Statement Jewelry
Welcome back! (Deep sigh)…It’s been rough. Quite rough to be exact, and with this dreary weather we’re experiencing in Houston today, my bed is my best friend. I had to put my mind to something that undoubtedly makes me happy when circumstances look quite grim and surprisingly, Polyvore was the answer. If you follow my Instagram, then you’ve noticed the creatively curated outfits that have graced your timeline for some #fashioninspo. If you haven’t, you MUST check them out! After doing so, it got me in a constant frenzy to create more and more looks and to even offer Virtual Styling as a service option for my ladies who would love to be styled by me, but don’t live in the Houston area.

While creating different looks to share, a light bulb went off in my head like a strike of lighting, and I decided to write a post about one of my favorite types of jewelry…Statement Jewelry! Nothing says hello quite like a layered neck piece with dripping jewels or a colorful crayon creation of rows of beads and fringe! For me, these types of pieces are a no brainer to style. For others, I realize that going bold is an option that many haven’t discovered due to fear or not knowing how to pull a look together. Well, today you get all the juice on how to style around those pieces that you own and have no idea what to do with. Let’s go!

** Disclaimer: These outfits are simply for inspiration, not for purchasing purposes. If an item pictured is purchasable and I know where to locate it , there will be a link listed. **

A Lil’ Sunburned

How to Style Statement Jewelry

Ok, can we talk about this outfit right here!? I’m totally in love! This necklace from is one of those pieces that is definitely bold, but not too over the top. You can get away with a piece like this with many different looks because it features a ton of neutral colors like black, bronze, gold and rust. I styled this necklace with a pair of colorful striped shorts that carry some of the same colors as the necklace and a mustard off the shoulder top. The shorts and the necklace coincide colorfully, while the top serves as the basic in between, to balance out the two boldest pieces in the look. I decided on an off the shoulder top because this bib has length, and will cover up the naked area that the top creates, giving it a clean piece of melanin to pop off of. Solid colored tops are always ideal, but not necessary for statement pieces.



How to Style Statement Jewelry

This outfit is definitely for my ladies that aren’t afraid of color. With the Summer coming up, you’d definitely be ready with these yummy colors on deck. The statement pieces included in this look are long, beaded, fringe earrings and stackable gold bangles with colorful fringe tassels. With earrings of length like these or possible shoulder dusters, a necklace isn’t required. They are absolutely good all by themselves. The earrings feature an array of multiple colors, so the focal piece should definitely be these on the top portion of your body. Basic colors will make earrings like these pop and will allow them to be displayed all on their own. White is always the best backdrop for color, so I decided to pair a fitted white tank, tucked into a denim multi patch midi skirt. The yellow blazer brought out the yellow in the earrings and the bracelets were the perfect addition for some much needed arm candy. When your clothing pieces are solid, you definitely have more room to upgrade your jewelry and accessories with bolder options. The denim skirt just added a bit of texture and interest to the look on the bottom portion.

Havana Nights

How to Style Statement Jewelry

Orange and red are so perfect together. Separately, these hues are bold and intense, but carefully combined, they’re a force to be reckoned with! The statement necklace in this look reminded me a lot of Spanish decent. Because of that, I wanted to give this outfit a cultural feel by creating it to reminisce what you may see someone wearing strolling through the streets of Havana during the day. You can easily opt for a comfortable pair of gladiator sandals or cute flats for day time strolling. Although this look is great for the daytime, do not be dismayed! You can definitely transition this into night for a soiree full of margaritas, colorful strung lights and the meringue!  I loved the color of this necklace so much that I wanted the color to be the focal point of the look. Casual basics that were simple yet stylish, were paired with the necklace to further enhance that focal point. I didn’t mention accessories in any of the other looks, however I must say that the handbag and hat definitely pulled the look all the way together.

So what did you guys think? Are you confident enough to style your statement jewelry now? Let me know your thoughts about these looks in the comments below. Until then…”Grab your Garb!”

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