How to Maximize your Wardrobe

How To Maximize Your Wardrobe

I’m so excited to bring this new blog post to you guys! I never planned to write about this topic, but being a budget fashionista, I figured this topic definitely would come in handy for many of my ladies out there. Utilizing your wardrobe to its full potential allows you to get more bang for your buck and save some coins along the way. Without further adieu, How to maximize your wardrobe…

Maximization Simply Defined

A simple way to define “maximization” is getting the absolute most that you can possibly get out of something. Pushing it to the limit and working with what you already own, without having to purchase anything extra. You can easily understand how “maximization” applies to you and your wardrobe. Her Guiltless Garb is centered around budget-friendly fashion for women, who wish to exude confidence through a style that is essentially “guiltless.” Maximization will ensure that your wardrobe remains this way with these easy tips.

This or that way

Don’t limit yourself to wearing your pieces just one particular way. This will allow you to get more out of each garment that you own. Consider each piece as 3 outfits. Challenge yourself to be creative and create an outfit with that one piece and do this according to the different places that you can possibly wear it. The LBD (Little Black Dress) is a great example. This universal item is a staple and can be worn many ways. Worn with a structured jacket or blazer, with a nice pair of pumps and statement jewelry you’ll have a grown and sexy look that can be worn to a wedding, the office, or to church. Paired with a denim vest or jacket, a classic pair of chucks and a cross body bag, you’re ready for shopping with the girls or a casual day look for school. Lastly, paired with a chunky knit sweater or cardigan on top, opaque tights, ankle booties, a leather moto jacket and a knit infinity scarf, this look can take you on a date to the movies or a Fall/ Winter brunch with family.

The Season Transition

Transitioning your Summer/Spring pieces to Fall/Winter will allow you to have a universal flow with your wardrobe. I know every time the season changes you may feel like you need to buy a new line of clothes for this season. This is not always true. When seasons change, it should be optional to add key pieces that you may possibly need or to partake in new, popular trends. Even though not all pieces can transition through seasons, if you assess your pieces, you’ll probably realize that you can get more wear out of the pieces that you already own. Layering is the trick to remember. Shirts or blouses made of thinner materials can always be paired with tanks or long sleeve shirts underneath if it’s decorative, or even paired with a sweater on top if it’s a basic blouse for a double layer. If it’s a color that you think is a little too bold or bright for the Fall/Winter, before you decide against it, do some research on trending colors for the upcoming season. You may be surprised to see a bold color as a popular pick or tone it down with a neutral color to keep the bold color grounded within your look.

The Perfect Print

Being a lover of prints myself, I understand how hard it is to fake a different look with the exact same piece if it’s printed. This can be a bit tricky if you’re not as skilled in creating outfits as others. A printed piece can definitely be spotted more easily versus a solid item. The key to this is limiting the number of prints you purchase. If it’s a printed blouse, you definitely have the option to wear it with different color and different style of bottoms, but the overall look won’t look as different. When you go shopping, buy prints according to two things, “extraordinary” and “color combination.” Extraordinary prints are prints that you have not seen or are not commonly worn. These types of prints are most easily available in vintage pieces. Those once in a lifetime prints that you know you won’t see anywhere else and if you pass it up, you probably won’t come across something like it again. A good color combination is the second reason to buy a print. Some tops feature color combos that are absolutely beautiful together and flatter your skin tone perfectly. If this is an aspect that the particular printed item has then it is a must-have. Don’t get caught up in purchasing the same colors, as your wardrobe will look as if you’re wearing the same items over and over even though you actually aren’t. Remember that solid pieces transition better through seasons, aren’t always easily detected and can allow your pairings to be more streamlined and easily executed.

Be Color Creative

The best way to experiment with color is simple. I believe that Nike says it best…Just Do it! The more you allow yourself to get comfortable with wearing color, the windows of fashion heaven can pour you out a blessing, lol. Color blocking is the perfect way to do this. Familiarize yourself with the color wheel. This tool is absolutely genius. I talk a little about it in my post here, but you can get more detailed information by researching the color wheel. Another way to get ideas on color blocking is to look at pieces that you like, that may feature multiple colors. Shop for solid pieces in those particular colors and pair them together. There really is no right or wrong with this. Only what looks more flattering for your skin tone. So play around and have fun!

Cross Dress

Now I know this title may have thrown you off a bit, but stay tuned for the explanation. Often times, when people style t-shirts, they only wear them with jeans, tennis shoes or flats. Or they buy a dress and only wear it with pumps or sandals. Get the basic pairings for these items out of your head and crossdress! Mix your casual pieces with dressy pieces and vice versa! Funk up your style and pair your graphics or plain tees with your fancy midi skirts or tailored slacks! It gives you a whole new look and opens up the options for styling your pieces in an extraordinary way.

Accessories make a Difference

If I wasn’t a firm believer of accessories making a grand statement, I wouldn’t waste my time explaining how much impact they have on an outfit. Sometimes, the littlest additions can alter the outfit and make them look different. A different shoe, a statement neck piece, a nice printed scarf, a gaudy pair of earrings, etc. Don’t sleep on your accessories ladies!

I hope these tips have been helpful to you! Let me know some of your tips and tricks on maximizing your wardrobe. Until then…”Grab your Garb!”

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