How to Fake an Asymmetrical Top: Comfortably Growing

How to wear an Asymmetrical To

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The perfect way to accomplish a goal is to start right where you are. Yup, with your ignorant and fearful self, lol. Why? You’re not going to have all of the answers or the “know how” in the beginning. And you know what, that’s completely OK! Know that it’s normal to experience the feeling of uncertainty and to be completely and utterly confused or lost as to where to start. Once you get over the inner drama queen episode that we all have when we’re pursuing a new and challenging path in our life’s and talked yourself out of it a million times, gather yourself, your thoughts, and establish a plan. Transfer that plan onto paper and not just a small pad. I mean a big ole decorated journal, cuz trust me, you’re gonna have a lot of ideas! This way you can be as detailed and lengthy as you need. It’s your vision, your ideas, and your dream. Whatever YOU want to happen, is not restricted to a rule book or a guideline. DREAM big, PLAN big, RESEARCH and LEARN big, and ACCOMPLISH big! I learned that!

striped button down top

Blogging has been a self-rewarding yet self-critical journey. I started in 2014 with a vision of being this fabulous fashion blogger, but my journey was delayed SO MANY TIMES due to life, loss, career, frustration, finances and whatever else, you name it, I’ve been there! I’ve been extremely hard on myself throughout my entire blogging career and was focused on the wrong things, that I failed to educate myself on the main ingredient which was how to properly and successfully build my brand.  I mean it was always in the back of my head, and I thought I was doing that, but it should’ve been at the forefront of my mind. After all, my blog, my site, my business was and is my brand!  I got caught up in the whirlwind of the social media stream only to trip, fall and face plant right back at the starting line. I needed that! I got up, dusted myself off, re-strategize, got a clearer understanding, researched, sought advice and repositioned wayyy behind the others, but most importantly back at the starting line. And that’s exactly where I am. In my personal life and with my blog. I didn’t have a web designer to create my website. So it’s not completely tech savvy and decked out with these amazing graphics and cool features. I literally implemented everything myself, and is it perfect? Nope! You’ll probably see updates here and there, but as it stands I’m DARN proud of myself! So if you’re here, reading this, THANK YOU! Your support will not come back void, trust! I have TONS of things just for my subscribers. As I embark out yet again on this heavily saturated, competitive and often times unmotivating journey, I’ve changed my approach, strengthened my character, focused my goals, organized and strategized my actions and most importantly, I TRUST and BELIEVE that I am Comfortably Growing. Not where I want to be, not where I started out in the perfect place for advancement. So as I continue my journey in life, with my blog and my brand, I can rest in the fact that my growth has finally become more comfortable and less painful. Thank God for growth!!

How to wear an Asymmetrical To

On to this look…I decided to go with an oversized button-down that featured a built-in choker. For my second time styling this top, I totally ditched the choker characteristic and decided to play with the proportions to create a different look. Reworking the pieces that you own allow versatility of styling. You can read about how to achieve more looks with pieces you already own here. If you don’t know already, shoulders are my thing, so I buttoned the top up to about the 3rd button, left the others unbuttoned and adjusted one side of the top a little off the shoulder. This adjustment created an off the shoulder, asymmetrical style that I absolutely adore. To give the top a little more shape, I tied the bottom into a bow and adjusted accordingly. I balanced the oversized top with a stretchy bodycon skirt and kept my accessories to a minimum. My goal was to create an effortless and easy to style look that was comfortable, yet chic. Creating outfits that still contain great style for our lazy styling days are really easier than you may think. To learn how to do this, stay tuned for Saturday when my new post, Care – freestyling, drops!

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How to wear an Asymmetrical To

Style Tip of the Day

Effortless styling should be easy yet stylish. Classic silhouettes are a great way to start experimenting with effortless looks. Start with a basic button-down, black and white pinstriped top or a basic white tee and pair these pieces with coordinating pieces that are casual, relaxed styles that contain small styling characteristics.

Her Guiltless Garb

Top: Boohoo / Skirt: The Clothing Bar (old, similar style) / Shoes: lolashoetique (old, similar style)

Striped button down top

IMG 8681

striped button down top

How to wear an Asymmetrical To



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