How to Style a Wide Leg Jumpsuit: Ebony

How to Style a Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Classic, sexy, and timeless…the color black. A color that compliments every skin tone, every shape, and size. It speaks a universal style language, is a common fashion ground for everyone’s personality and portrays beauty in basicness and simplicity. A woman’s most loved and go to color when sophistication isn’t forced…it just comes naturally, because black is beautiful… Literally.

How to Style a Wide Leg Jumpsuit
This black jumpsuit from Twice Lucky Resale was such a diamond in the rough! Less than $20, I scored in all areas with this elegant article of clothing. The jumpsuit is indeed simple, but the cut makes it worthwhile. The top kind of draped and had a weird shape on the hanger, but after trying it on, I noticed what this beauty could do. Very different from any other jumpsuit I had seen, the added fabric at the top gave this piece an awesome appeal. Elegantly draped in black, jumpsuit fitted to the brown melanin that God gave me and decked in striking gold jewels, I gave this outfit life and meaning! What do you ladies think? Until then…”Grab your Garb!”
How to Style a Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Style Tip of the day
Black never goes out of style! From streetwear to couture, you can always count on this color to deliver!

Her Guiltless Garb
Jumpsuit & Necklace: Twice Lucky Resale / Clutch: Vintage

How to Style a Wide Leg Jumpsuit

How to Style a Wide Leg Jumpsuit





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