Carefree Styling: Fashionably Lazy Styling Tips for the Weekend & Days Off

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Carefree styling…for those IDC, really don’t want to get up days. I know we all have those days off where we wake up, in hopes of still being productive, look in the mirror and say to ourselves, “Nope, not today,” and crawl right back into our cocoons. Why? It’s our day off! It’s the weekend, where the week actually ends for 9 to 5’ers and we want to relax and unwind. Perhaps in a comfortable destination where mounds of pillows circumference our bodies called “our bed”… but wait…There’s still adulting to do. At least for this weekend of our life’s, and we don’t have the energy or the “want to” to want to get up. We have to run errands, grocery shop for our weekly meal prep,  and our best friends are texting us countless food emojis, on Instagram tagging us in every restaurant post in the city, pinning photos of pancakes covered in powdered sugar with juicy fruit bowls on the side and tweeting “I’m so hungry”, all to say “Let’s do brunch.” (Insert your stressed emoji here, lol) So, we’re already feeling lazy, we have to run errands, we don’t really want to go and on top of this, we still have to find something to wear. Are you freaking kidding me? Like, are you really serious? Yes! This scenario is all too real, and because I’ve experienced a variation of this countless times, I’ve put together the perfect styling guide to help nail the perfect looks that take less than 5 minutes to throw on. 

The object of the game is to appear as though you really tried but actually didn’t. So remember these keywords, relaxed, easy going, unrefined, casually effortless but still chic. The types of pieces that fit into these categories are going to be the perfect options for heavy errand days, brunching and quick style choices. Pending the weather conditions, you can always switch out styles best suited for the current forecast, layer your garments and even add your own spin to the list. So let’s take a look at the lists below.


  • deconstructed boyfriend jeans
  • slouchy, off the shoulder tops
  • simple and classic V-neck tees
  • bodycon tank dresses
  • denim jackets /vests
  • printed kimonos
  • over-sized dresses 
  • joggers & sweats
  • simple tank tops
  • graphic tees


  • decorative slides & sandals
  • tennis shoes
  • flat espadrilles


  • cross body bags
  • oversized sunglasses
  • head scarves
  • statement earrings
  • large hoop earrings
  • thinly layered necklaces
  • wide brim hats

Bonus Beauty Styling

Hair Styles

  • top knots
  • low buns / messy buns
  • natural girls: puffs, roll, tuck, and pins (you can also do variations of top knots and buns depending on hair length)
  • side or middle parts with a ponytail


  • mascara
  • red lip / nude lip gloss / lip balm
  • brows

Now that we know the perfect pieces to conquer these lazy day looks, let’s start creating some of these looks below. Pick two or three items from the clothing category and depending on your favorite pieces to wear, at least two from the accessories, one from the shoes, one hairstyle and if you’re wearing makeup at all, a compilation of all three or a couple of your favs. Got it? Here are my choices…


Item 1: Deconstructed boyfriend jeans
Item 2: Simple tanks
Item 3: Printed kimono


Item 1: Decorative slides


Item 1: Statement Earrings
Item 2: Oversized sunglasses

Item 3: Crossbody handbag


Item 1: Puff


Item 1: Brows
Item 2: Nude lip gloss

Here’s what my outfit looks like…

IMG 8355

Here’s my outfit, plus hair and makeup…

FullSizeRender (1)


As you can see, these lazy day pieces still created a fabulous look. Who would’ve thought that carefree styling could be so darn cute?! Let’s create one more. Perhaps for the more simple girl who doesn’t really wear printed pieces, prefers more classic styles with touches of bling, already has full eyebrows and carries her phone, keys and necessary cards in her pocket. Alright, let’s get it!

Here are her style choices…


Item 1: Oversized dress
Item 2: Denim jacket


Item 1: Flat espadrilles


Item 1: Layered necklaces
Item 2: Hoop earrings


Item 1: Top knot


Item 1: Mascara
Item 2: Lip balm

Here’s what her outfit looks like…

IMG 8359

Here’s her look, plus hair and makeup…

FullSizeRender (2)

As you can see, even though her style is much different from mine, she still pulled together a stylish look that was easy and comfortable. The key is to pick items that are reflective towards your personal style, cater them to the places you are going, the weather and voila, you’ve put together an easy, carefree look that took you less than 5 minutes to create.

For a personalized styling experience, and to build your own carefree styling wardrobe for your weekends and days off, visit here and pick your package. If you desire a more customized package, visit here. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the HGG Newsletter and follow me on social media! Considering that this is my first informational post upon relaunching, this was shared with everyone. Going forward, the best posts will need passwords to unlock, so don’t be left out and join in on the fashion fun!

What are some of your lazy and day outfit picks? Share them below and let’s get the conversation started!

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