5 Tips on How to be your own Stylist 

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First, let’s define the word “style.” According to Google, style is defined as, a manner of doing something or a distinctive appearance typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed. For instance, a particular style of writing, style of font, or style of dress in this case. The word “Style” was coined in the fashion industry as a certain way one dresses according to their personality, mood or their creative capability to create different looks that are visually appealing and attractive.

My personal definition of style, in regards to fashion, is very simple. It is ideally your ID. A way to identify you from the many other inhabitants of this planet. People will know and remember who you are sometimes just by the way that you look. Your personal style is your mood, personality, your feelings, your innovative ideas, ambitions, and your dreams all jam-packed into an outfit. A lot, huh? Have you looked at it that way before? Have you noticed that sometimes our mood affects or dress, or that our wardrobe reflects our lifestyle? Your style of life determines your style of dress. We dress for what professions we obtain, how we want to be viewed, and our goals that we want to accomplish: Meaning we aren’t where we want to be, but we begin dressing the part. Your style is individually yours and a factor that is designated to you and only you.

What is a Stylist?

Now that we’ve covered what style is, let’s discuss what a “stylist” is. The definition of a stylist according to Google is a designer of fashionable styles of clothes, or a person whose job is to arrange and coordinate food, clothes, etc. in a stylish or attractive way for photographs or films. We are going to focus on the second definition given. A person who can dress another properly, fashionably, and appropriately is indeed a stylist in my opinion. However, not everyone that has style, can be a stylist. Most of the time we are aficionados of garbing ourselves, but not others. This is ok. Everyone was not meant to style others and may just possess great fashion sense for themselves. On the other end of the spectrum, there may be those that have no idea where to start in dressing their bodies fashionably. Whichever category you may fall under, I am going to share with you my 5 easy tips on what I believe are pertinent in dressing YOUR absolute best! If you are in need of a more in-depth understanding of your body type and require wardrobe consultation, please contact me here


Tip #1: Know your Body Type

Body Types

The picture above is a very basic way to identify what category you may fall under. In most cases, a woman’s body in conjunction with their height plays a role in knowing the appropriate garment choices. Every woman does not have the same shape or size, however, we all have the option of understanding how our body is contoured in order to dress our bodies in the appropriate attire. Understanding the way that garments are structured, made, shaped, draped, cut, and learning different silhouettes will help you better understand how they will lay or fit to the body. Do your research. Google is our friend! We also must learn that every style and trend is not for EVERYONE! Just because you see saturation of a particular item, does not mean you have to partake in it. Know your correct sizes and embrace the body that you own now, and if you chose to become a better you the option is always there. Dress YOUR body according to what YOU possess today and not in hopes of what you want to be!


Tip # 2: Go back to the Color Wheel


 Color Wheel

This little tool here is pure genius! I probably have to do a separate post explaining in depth of why the color wheel is so essential. If you guys would like for me to do so, please let me know in the comments…Back to the topic…Fashion is visual. It’s basically color, texture, and material in a nutshell. It’s all aesthetic. Color captivates and allows you to create so many different looks that you would’ve probably never imagined. The color wheel introduces you to primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. Primary being the base colors and in each layer, colors are built from combinations of the preceding layer. This tool also helps you understand complementary colors which are colors that basically look good together, i.e. our beloved primary Christmas colors: red and green. These colors will be located directly across from each other on the color wheel. There are also Analogous, Triadic, Split, Rectangle, and Square color harmonies which incorporate particular color themes. When you understand the color wheel and how you can build color schemes, you can pull colors together for your wardrobe. Interior design and fashion are hand in hand when it comes to schematic colors, and are very similar in many ways.

Tip #3: Know what Image you want to Embody


Knowing what image you want to portray has a lot to do with the profession that you have or the lifestyle that you chose to live. Are you a party girl? Do you travel for a living? Do you have a carefree and easy lifestyle? You dress according to what your daily routine or activities consist of. If you have a corporate job, your wardrobe may consist of more suits, blazers, pencil skirts, jackets, slacks, etc. If you are trying to reinvent your style or your life, and you have absolutely no clue as to what image you want to embody, consider what direction it is that you wish to go in your life. What career path will you follow or what goals are you trying to achieve? How would you like to be viewed? Your wardrobe speaks volumes about who you are and it is one of the first things people notice upon meeting you. After you’ve decided on that, research images of what these types of wardrobes may look like and create your own personal style according to specific color choices and what you feel looks the best on you. Your personality can also shape and create your image as well. Who you are as an individual often times will reflect in your dress choices. Are you vibrant and full of life? If so, your wardrobe may reflect tons of color or playful and flirty pieces that draw attention. Whatever it is that you choose, remember that you can always change it. You don’t have to commit to anything. You may a have a mixture of different items for your work life and then whatever other life it is that you live outside of your career. Just don’t stress about it. Make it fun and enjoy creating a wardrobe tailored to your needs. Your life, your rules.

Tip # 4: Playing with Patterns


Prints and patterns, oh how I love thee! I am obsessed with printed items! They are so much fun and create so much interest within your look. When you are trying to mix and match prints and patterns, you want to pick the main color that you want to be accentuated within the outfit. Then, chose two printed pieces that possess that same color. Try to pick items that are similar in pattern and vary your scale of pattern in each piece. One small and one medium or large. Let one of the patterns be the focal piece. You can also opt to incorporate different textures in different climates i.e. fur and suede for the Winter. This is where your creativity can run its course. The options for mixing prints is endless. Just try it! You’ll never know what you can create if you don’t attempt.

Tip #5: Wear Confidence


I’m sure you’ve heard that there is nothing sexier than a woman with confidence. Well, it’s definitely true. You don’t have to showcase a cocky attitude or believe that you are the best dressed in town, but you should appreciate who you are as an individual and feel confident in wearing what you want. You should never feel guilty about the outfit choices that you make. When you put on your outfit in the morning make sure you slip on confidence too. Wear that with you as your daily garb as you would your physical garb. No one can be a better you than you! Let the world see who you are, your light that shines, and rock the hell out of that outfit today that you may be surprised that someone may rock tomorrow.

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